Celebrate others!

There is power in celebrating people! yes you got that right the first time…CELEBRATE OTHER PEOPLE!

                                                           Image by Paul Taubman

Honestly speaking unless the person whose success we are celebrating is a close loved one, it is often instinctive to be less than overjoyed at their success! I find this to be one of our innate weaknesses as human beings, but one that we most certainly must overcome in order to become the very best we can be!
You see when we celebrate other people, we not only give them the encouragement and support that they deserve but we also encourage ourselves. By letting go of any grudges, malice or simple indifference we activate action within our own lives! Our purpose becomes reinvigorated and we become more empowered to become everything we are meant to be! 
Aside from this, celebrating others separates us from our selfishness! It liberates us from the constraints we place on our minds about what we, or other people can achieve and it allows us to live boundless lives
 When you celebrate people they notice and as a result they are more likely to have a positive approach towards you and other people 🙂
Ultimately this benefits everyone and has the power to change the nature of our communities!

So lets celebrate others selflessly, fearlessly and fiercely!!

~ Deeply Driven

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