Tea with Lia

This week we had a wonderful cup of tea with the beautiful Lia Husarciuc!

Lia is sociology scholar and church youth leader. 

      She has been involved in  Youth work for many years, working mainly with children 13 years and under and has a passion for working with people. She has been involved in outreach work in gypsy villages in Eastern Europe . To top it all up Lia is a professional photographer. She has profiled numerous weddings in Romania and is showing no signs of stopping. Some of her greatest pieces of work can be found under Lia’s blog… Check it out 🙂 
      Here’s what Lia had to say to Deeply Driven!

What keeps you going in life?

      I am passionate about church work and social projects. I was inspired by the decreased crime rates around gypsy villages in Romania as a result of these. I quickly found my purpose in serving others and spent the majority of my time involved with the local community. My father has always told me that our family was the house of the Lord. In serving others I believe that I fulfil this calling. I have seen the positive impact and experienced the transformation of lives first hand. I truly believe that I am called to serve.

    How did you get interested in photography ?

      Photography started as a hobby with my sister, Anda. 
    With practice and dedication, I began to receive requests to do weddings. Initially I did  it for free, but with the increased requests I  charge a minimal fee which gives me an extra income.
    Ive never looked back 🙂 

   What does empowering women mean to you?

Empowering women means pursuing a good balance between family, career and church work.  I believe that an empowered woman knows the importance of living a balanced life whilst caring for those people and passions most important to her.


   Who inspired you on your journey?

My father – his work with the community and with the church. I have seen the positive impact of his work as a result. I would like to continue to do my part touching lives, just as he has done 


    What drives you to work hard ?

I have a busy life. Keeping myself active helps me to concentrate on all the things that I am grateful for and see the beauty of life. As a result I don’t have time to sit and complain. I find myself  driven by the Bible Joshua 1vs 9- knowing God is always with me! 

   The last good book you read?


Ephesians 5:2 I recently preached on the importance of our lives being a fragrant offering to God and the interesting concept by which God can ‘smell’ us. This has challenged me to put on my spiritual deodorant everyday through the way I act towards others and represent Christ.
I believe that in life we face many battles, and women who walks into life with the full armour of Christ are best prepared for any challenges that life may bring. Young women need more Godly women as role models today.

   What future do you envision for the advancement of women and what steps are you taking to be a part of the change?

The status of women in the world has dramatically changed. Women have begun to have a lot of influence in many areas, it has never been more important than it is now to be women of purpose.  This will ensure that our influence will benefit the world and society as a whole-there is more to life that seeking a selfish agenda.

What do you know now that you wish you had known before?

I have learnt that being a youth leader in the church is not just about meetings but also about being a friend to everyone, and being accessible to all. It is important that female leaders find time during the week to do social activities outside their comfort zones and help others. This helps to foster a positive lifestyle which you will always be grateful for! 

What final message do you want to share with other young women out there?
Always be helpful and thankful! 🙂 
 Sometimes as women we have a tendency to complain. The more thankful you are the happier you are. Looking at the brighter side of things makes life so much easier and enriches even the most ordinary of days. We have so much to be thankful for and to live for!

Until next time…Stay positive, stay purposeful 🙂 

Deeply Driven


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