Work- Life balance: Handy Tips!

This week we are taking some inspiration from the co-founder and CEO of Levo, League Caroline Ghosn who explains that it’s important to watch out for things and people that drain your energy especially in situations where our work begins to interfere with our lives.
The first step to ensuring a work-life balance is Dealing with Yourself. By being kinder to yourself, loving yourself and seeking inspiration, you’ll find yourself being more creative, innovative, and inspired. It is also important to take the time to take care of yourself in your career.
Caroline challenges us by saying,“You may have heard that achieving a work-life balance is a marathon, it isn’t a sprint.  I think it’s a marathon made up of a series of sprints and nobody tells you that. It’s up to you to recover between sprints.”

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Take Pride in what your responsibilities are at work and at home
While unemployment is high in Zimbabwe and work morale low, I have found that it is always important to find something that drives you.  Be determined to be the absolute best in the position that you have. Your surroundings may not be the most efficient but it does not mean that you need to relax and get by being mediocre… No! Roll up your sleeves and literally be the change that you want to see!

It may be frustrating and disheartening at times but ultimately you develop a culture around you of hard work and high standards which you will ultimately reap great benefits from! The same is true in the home, whether single or married with children, keeping a well maintained home with a positive environment leaves everyone happy, healthy and less of a handful!
Build a powerful brand
Work hard and prove how valuable you are to your employer, even if you’re not working in your dream job. This will open new doors for you and might lead you to pay increases or promotions. Ultimately, this increases your ability to manage your own time, allowing you to be more flexible while still delivering results. If you are an entrepreneur, always put your best foot forward. This sells excellence to your clients and builds demand for your product.

Find time to relax
Always give yourself an hour everyday to yourself. Take the time out to read a book, watch your favourite show, have a bubble bath or even take a walk. Do what relaxes you. Some “me-time” will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Taking up a hobby is another great way to deal with work or household related stress. Doing what we loves adds passion and joy to our lives and reminds us that life is not as bad as we might think it is. On weekends and holidays take more time out to truly put your mind at ease and enjoy the company of loved ones.

While we are on the subject of relaxing, I find one key principle essential : Create a few Phone/Computer-free times and places. Devices are everywhere and seem to be holding our lives at ransom. While I know it is difficult simply try to switch off your phone when you are resting or spending time with loved ones. Our devices keep us from living in the present and often add stress to our lives. 

“No matter who you are, especially for those of you who are extremely passionate about what you do, it’s really important to think about your own energy so that you can make it through the marathon that is life. Great leaders manage their energy, not their time.”~ Caroline Ghosn

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Stay Purposeful,

Deeply Driven

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