Maya Angelo’s Timeless Inspiration

I could never begin to compare myself to Dr Angelou, the work she did, the voice she was, the lives she touched: ALL so PROFOUND. It is sad that it takes the loss of something or someone to give us a gust of a second wind. I remember constantly admiring the design of a bird’s cage and never realising its significance. After reading Caged Bird it dawned on me that I had created a mental prison of my own and lost a sense of what really mattered. 
Those steel rods stood in-between me and the sound of me flapping my wings further and further from the restrains of public opinion, higher and higher into the sun. As I realised this I took back my freedom, a phoenix reborn. I finally understood what it meant to truly liberate oneself, and to live beyond the confines of the past- free to soar!
Post Contributed by Tariro Anifasi
Edited by Deeply Driven

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