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Redefining the Leadership Landscape

Welcome to the Leaders Lounge! We are driven to redefine the leadership landscape in Africa starting with our very own Zimbabwe. This platform will aim to share leadership content, drive different leadership discussions and provide and facilitate trainings on key leadership skills. The context Globally 53% of young professionals dream of being the leaders within … Continue reading Redefining the Leadership Landscape

Take Charge!

Integrity and self-confidence…an unparalleled combination!   Source: Pinterest   Doubtless, before launching any of your new projects, you will have invested considerable time and effort grappling with self- worth and whether you can actually succeed, developing your plan and formulating your strategy (when you think oh no, how do I actually get this done!). Whilst each … Continue reading Take Charge!

Workplace Harassment, Inappropriate Behaviour…Lets call it by name!

  The following article touches on real issues faced by working women across the world. Deeply Driven aims to all empower women, to discuss real issues and to take a stand against dangerous prevailing norms. Office abuse is one of these. To every man, teach and encourage each other to do better, to value all … Continue reading Workplace Harassment, Inappropriate Behaviour…Lets call it by name!